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Dienstag, 24.01.2023

CEEPUS Inter-American Studies Excursion

Mark your calendars for the CEEPUS Inter-American Studies Excursion! The "Old and New Borders of Hungary to the West: From Monarchial to Contemporary…

Dienstag, 24.01.2023

Whitman Week

The Whitman Week is happening again this year in Rome!  The Whitman Week consists of two parts and the week-long seminar is designed for advanced…

Auf Stippvisite an der Uni Graz: Der Botschafter Kanadas in Österreich, S.E. Troy Lulashnyk (4. von rechts), mit seinen Mitarbeiterinnen  Felicitas Lang und Stefanie von Westarp. Rektor Peter Riedler sowie die Vizerektor:innen Mireille van Poppel und Joachim Reidl, Tanja Zöhrer (links) und Doris Knasar (Büro für Internationale Beziehungen) begrüßten die Delegation. Foto: Uni Graz/Tzivanopoulos

Montag, 23.01.2023

Canada Connections

Kanadischer Botschafter besuchte die Universität Graz. Bestehende Kooperationen sollen ausgebaut werden Canadian Ambassador visits University of…

Donnerstag, 19.01.2023

Amazonien übersetzen

Die Waorani in Ecuadors Amazonien agieren als Jäger*innen und Sammler*innen mit einer rezenten Kontaktierung durch das evangelikale Summer Institute…

Dienstag, 17.01.2023

Hear the Voices: Black Writing Matters

Celebrating Martin-Luther-King Jr-Day, a US holiday honoring the legacy of the civil rights leader and his struggle for racial equality, students from…

Montag, 16.01.2023

Call for Papers: AI in the Everyday Life of Older Adults: Panacea or Pandora's Box?

From conversational agents, such as Siri and Alexa, to the use of sensors in smart home, robots in hospitals and automatic cars, Artificial…

Montag, 16.01.2023

Excursion to Brazil

Dr. Christian Cwik (C.IAS) and Michael Zeuske are organizing an excursion to Brazil (April 4 - 16, 2023)! The excursion combines academic lectures by…

Mittwoch, 11.01.2023

The International Inter-American Lecture Series - Dr. Bruckmayr "Dynamics of Black Islam in the Caribbean"

Join us on January 11, 2023 for Dr. Bruckmayr's talk "Dynamics of Black Islam in the Caribbean"! Philipp Bruckmayr teaches Arabic & Islamic Studies at…

Mittwoch, 07.12.2022

“Inter-American Cultural Studies” Certificate

Have you heard about the “Inter-American Cultural Studies” certificate? Watch this video to find out more about it: “Inter-American Cultural Studies”…

Dienstag, 06.12.2022

C.IAS Christmas Celebration

You are cordially invited to come to our open house Christmas celebration! Date: December 6, 2022, from 12 PM on Location: Elisabethstraße 59/II,…

Donnerstag, 24.11.2022

International Congress: Independences, Empire, Slaveries, Migration and "Brasildade"

Dr. Christian Cwik is organizing the International Congress: Independences, Empire, Slaveries, Migration and "Brasildade" at the Aberta University in…

Dienstag, 22.11.2022

New publication by Dr. Christian Cwik

We are proud to announce that Dr. Christian Cwik has published a chapter in the book Internment: Refugee Camps, edited by G. Anderl, L. Erker, and C.…

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