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Dienstag, 22.11.2022

An interview with Mag. Nicole Haring

Read more about Mag. Nicole Haring's stay at the ACT Lab in Montréal! Nicole is the student representative of Aging and Data and she has received a…

Dienstag, 22.11.2022

Guest Lecture by Prof. Schneider

On Friday, November 18, 2022, Prof. Schneider (University of Regensburg) held a lecture on "Weltsprache Englisch" where C.IAS was represented by…

Montag, 21.11.2022

Mag. Nicole Haring's Keynote Talk "Stereotypen und blinde Flecken: Gendersensible und intersektionale Bildung im Kindergarten"

On Monday, 21.11.2022, 9:40 am, join Mag. Nicole Haring's online keynote talk "Stereotypen und blinde Flecken: Gendersensible und intersektionale…

Freitag, 18.11.2022

Call for Fellowship

The European Centre for Modern Languages has published a Call for Fellowship (January - March 2023)! The fellowship will support the work of the…

Mittwoch, 16.11.2022

Inter.Reading Book Club: Leyendo Latinoamérica

During winter semester 2022/23, the Inter.Reading Book Club: Leyendo Latinoamérica will be reading the 2015 bestseller “El Murmullo de Las Abejas”…

Montag, 14.11.2022

History of Guantanamo: Dr. Christian Cwik on Ö1

Von den "Campos de Reconcentración“ bis zu Guantanamo Zur Geschichte der Lager und des Lagerlebens in Lateinamerika und in der Karibik 14. bis 18.…

Dienstag, 08.11.2022

HuK-Forum: "Stream, scroll, (re)tweet” - Cultural and Digital Capital as Indicators of Media Literacies in Croatia" by Dr. Krešimir Krolo

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 18:00, join Dr. Krešimir Krolo's (University of Zadar) presentation on “Stream, scroll, (re)tweet” - Cultural and…

Sonntag, 06.11.2022

GUSEGG Publication: Call for Papers

The Graz International Summer School Seggau 2022 offered a discussion of how measurements inform our lives, as individuals and as a society. Personal…

Dienstag, 25.10.2022

A guest talk by Nicole Haring at Concordia University

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 11am to 1pm (EDT) Nicole Haring will hold a guest talk at Concordia University (Montreal) titled "Gender, Generations,…

Mittwoch, 19.10.2022


Last week we organized CEEPUS Week (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies)! Professors from Plovdiv University, Károli Gáspár…

Montag, 10.10.2022

Tribuna Brasil

Tribuna Festival: 19-20 October 2022, University of Graz

Donnerstag, 29.09.2022

CfP: Mediating Social Challenges: Art, Storytelling & Teaching Practices

Call for papers for DigLit Conference

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