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Call for Papers

Mittwoch, 28.09.2022

Camps, (In)Justice & Solidarity in the Americas


Presenters from the May 2022 conference ‘Camps, (In)Justice & Solidarity in the Americas’ are invited to submit their work to the peer-reviewed academic journal Sargasso, which is based in the Department of English at the University of Puerto Rico’s Río Piedras Campus. Please send in your work. The conference organizers hope that a substantial number of the papers presented at the conference will be published in Sargasso. Conference papers should be revised so that they read as academic essays or articles. They can be in English or Spanish. If you would like your work to be considered for Sargasso, please send a note and an abstract to sargassojournal@gmail.com on or before September 20, 2022. Final papers should be submitted to sargassojournal@gmail.com by November 18, 2022. We anticipate that the volume will be printed in the summer of 2023 and mailed to contributors in September of 2023. Jessica Adams, Nicole Haring, Roberta
, Frederick Reinprecht, and Don Walicek will act as co-editors for this project.

Please see the call for papers for more details.

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