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Hear the Voices: Black Writing Matters

Dienstag, 17.01.2023

Celebrating Martin-Luther-King Jr-Day, a US holiday honoring the legacy of the civil rights leader and his struggle for racial equality, students from the University of Graz will present African-American texts as voices of agency, resistance, and the long fight for political freedom and equality. Despite the US cultural narrative propagating freedom, democracy and equality, the Afro-American experience has been one of discrimination, exclusion, and inequality revealing contradictions of US-American culture and society. Listening to literary and cultural texts as individual expressions of lived-experiences emphasizes the powerful strength of Afro-American self-representation.

When: Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 3.00-6.00 pm

Where:  KULTUM, Mariahilferplatz 3 [im Cubus], 8020 Graz (https://www.kultum.at/)

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