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Workshop with Reading

On October 12th, 2016, the Center for Inter-American Studies, in close collaboration with the Center for Jewish Studies and the Department of Romance Studies, organized a workshop with reading, with acclaimed Argentinian author Liliana Lukin.

Students, professors and guests had a chance to participate in a public reading of the poems, in both the original Spanish and English translations, to ask questions and discuss, as well as to meet the author Liliana Lukin in person. The event comprised an introduction of the author and her work by Professor Erna Pfeiffer from the Romance Studies Department, the reading of the poetry in Spanish by Liliana Lukin, as well as in English by our exchange student from City College New York Katherine Quinby, and, finally, an interpretation of Lukin’s poetry by our students.

The students of the Literary Studies Seminar taught by Professor Roberta Maierhofer had been given groupwork some time earlier: after discussing Liliana Lukin’s poetry in class, their task was to come up with a creative piece using three keywords connected to the poetry. The results? Using the keywords extracted from Liliana Lukin’s work (such as: pain – body – memory, or femininity – writing – the Shoah), the four groups of students came up with: a map, a linguistic analysis and two written pieces. All of these creative instances were a summary of their impressions and analyses of the author’s work, and the students presented them at our event on October 12th. The event was, thus, interactive and dynamic, reaching its most important goal: to give students the opportunity to meet with authors from the Americas face-to-face and be able to confront them with their own analyses of their works.

The student presentations and the public reading were followed by an open floor discussion that was conducted bilingually – which contributed to the overall intention of the organizers: to show how intercultural communication is based on the belief that similarities, not differences – linguistic, cultural, ethnic – fill the gaps of understanding.

Liliana Lukin is an Argentinian poet and literary critic of Jewish descent, combining in her poetry such topics as the body, sexuality, the Shoah, the Argentinian military dictatorship, and the question of representation. In her fifteen collections of poetry and numerous lectures and readings throughout the world, Lukin problematizes the issues of ethnic, familial, and personal history in contemporary Argentina; at the event on the 12th of October organized by the C.IAS, the audience had a chance to experience first-hand the tackling of these issues by way of the author’s, but also their own understanding of the poetry read.


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