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HUK-Forum on the 21.11.

Tuesday, 21 November 2023

Visualising left-behindness. How to study sensitive and hard-to-reach social phenomena?

Lecture by Ludmila Wladyniak (Assistant Professor at the Charles University, Faculty of Humanities and researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences)

The proposed lecture presents a methodological approach within the project Social and political consequences of spatial inequalities which aim is to explore the social and political consequences of spatial inequalities in three Central European countries – the Czech Republic, Poland and the eastern regions of Germany. Its objective is to understand the logic of left behind state (Rodríguez-Pose, 2018; Psycharis et al., 2020), as defined by the subjects affected, as well as to map the potential political agency and bottom-up responses the processes of spatial inequalities in the municipal areas of the regions studied. Therefore, how to talk about being left-behind, with communities that are prone to be stigmatized and face the following difficult-totalk-about phenomena such as depopulation, rural-urban migration, deterioration of socioeconomic conditions or peripherisation? The proposed paper discusses the methodological advantages, potential developments and challenges in researching the meaning of “left behind places” through using visuals and photo-elicitation method.


Where: RESOWI, SZ 15.22, Universitätsstraße 15, Bauteil G, 2. Stock

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