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WHO Academy

Friday, 22 May 2020

Call for ideas // New courses for COVID-19 available

The World Health Organization invites you to contribute your Big Idea to shape the future of training and learning in achieving better health for all.

The WHO Academy, a lifelong learning centre scheduled to launch next year, is working to scale up learning for impact through digital and face-to-face courses, reaching millions of health workers and others worldwide through the latest technologies and advancements in learning science.

As a key part of this effort, we are working with experts and practitioners to develop a global learning strategy that will shape the future of WHO’s approach to training and learning for achieving health goals and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of a broader consultation process with experts in health, learning and education, and digital technologies, we would now like to invite everyone with an interest in this topic to join in this endeavor by contributing their ideas to the WHO’s learning strategy.

Accordingly, we have established a Call for Ideas so that anyone can share their Big Idea on how to enhance the quality and impact of training and lifelong learning approaches in health.

The submission form is available in English, French and Spanish. Just click on the relevant link below, select your language at the top of the page and submit your idea or approach in 500 words or less.

Share your Big Idea here.

We will use the responses we receive to develop WHO’s global learning strategy to ensure that all who are involved in the world’s health and social-care systems have ample opportunities to strengthen the competencies they need to save lives and improve health outcomes in their communities.

The closing date for the first round of ideas is 8th June 2020.

New courses for COVID-19 available

The following resources for COVID-19 have been launched this week:

  • How to put on and remove PPE for COVID-19 in Albanian and Macedonian
  • SARI treatment facility design in French
  • Clinical care SARI in Macedonian
  • Country preparedness and response in Spanish
  • Health and safety briefing for respiratory diseases – ePROTECT in Vietnamese

New certificates available

Participants can now gain a Record of Achievement if they score 80% or higher on the assessments in the following courses:

Videos now available

Videos have recently been added to the country preparedness and response course in RussianMore languages to follow.

Updates to course content

Please note that the following courses are currently being revised to reflect updates to the technical content. You will be notified once the updated materials are available:

  • IPC for COVID-19
  • Clinical care SARI

In addition, modules B1, B2 and D of the general introduction to emerging respiratory viruses, including novel coronaviruses, have been recently updated and the updates are currently being rolled-out across all language versions of the course. You will be kept up to date as this process progresses.

Complete list of COVID-19 learning resources

We are pleased to announce that OpenWHO now has 78 resources for COVID-19 spread across 26 languages. In summary, OpenWHO currently offers courses covering the following topics and languages to support the response to COVID-19:

Best wishes,

OpenWHO team

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