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A guest talk by Nicole Haring at Concordia University

Dienstag, 25.10.2022

On Tuesday, October 25, 202211am to 1pm (EDT) Nicole Haring will hold a guest talk at Concordia University (Montreal) titled "Gender, Generations, and Education: Intergenerational Digital Storytelling as Participatory Knowledge Transfer".

This talk presents research findings from an intergenerational digital storytelling intervention. Educators from different life stages came together to share life stories and discuss how educational spheres (re)produce societal norms, especially with regard to gender. Guided by feminist research and participatory approaches, intergenerational exchanges were at the heart of the intervention. Participants from different life stages (teacher trainees, educators and retired educators) were invited to bring fictional texts with them. The intervention focused on narratives and storytelling processes in different settings, and connected the participants’ personal life stories with the fictional texts. Participants took turns acting as interviewers, interviewees, and photographers, and worked together to create short digital stories, which will be presented during this talk.

In order to register for this event (in-person or online), please click here

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