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CALL FOR PAPERS: Slow Down. Breathe In. Get Away. Medical Tourism from Antiquity to the Age of Neoliberalism and Climate Change

Samstag, 30.09.2023

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- The Medical Value of Leisure, Pleasure and Play
- Cultural Centres and Exotic Destinations
- Pilgrimages, Shrines, Relics and Religious Tourism
- Rest and Mindfulness
- Baths, Spas, Pools and Beaches
- Senior Tourism and Retirement Migrations
- Workaholism and the 24/7 Culture
- “Changing One’s Climate” (in the Age of Climate Change)
- Gyms, Hiking, Running and Cycling
- Virtual Tourism
- Anti-Aging Adjustments and Cosmetic Tourism
- Birth Tourism and Fertility Treatments
- Healthcare in the Post-Covid Era
- Retirement Destinations

Proposals for papers should include the title of the paper, an abstract of 250 words, a short bionote, and contact details. We strongly encourage early career researchers to submit their proposals and share their work in progress.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is July 30th 2023.

Please submit your abstract proposals to these email addresses:
ieva.stoncikaite@upf.edu and guimaraesjpc@gmail.com

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roberta Maierhofer, professor of American Studies and Director of the Center for Inter-American Studies (C.IAS) at the University of Graz will be the keynote speaker.

When: September 30, 2023


No participation fee!

For further information click here!

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