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Dienstag, 30.01.2024

Feminist Theory and Praxis: French Traditions (Juliette Cherbuliez)

FRR.02131UB: Frz. LW: (Théories et pratiques féministes francophones) 

Feminism—the range of movements, philosophies, theories and practices aiming to redefine the relationship among gender, sexuality and power in society—has played a role in French and Francophone culture for centuries. Indeed ‘French’ feminism is often characterized by the specificity of the French language and its ideological, social, and cultural dimensions. We will explore three major aspects of feminist thought in the French-speaking world: 1) The specific history of feminist thought in France (14th through 21stcenturies) and its intersections with political, social and economic structures (monarchy, religion, colonialism, capitalism); 2) French-language feminist philosophies and theories (existentialism, language, post-structuralism, art and aesthetics); 3) The particular question of French and Francophone feminist praxis as it pertains to social change. (Beauvoir, Cixous, Delphy, Gouges, Irigaray, LeDœuff, Kidjo, Mama, Pisan, Poullain de la Barre, Serano, Wittig, feminist collectives; artists).

  • Ort: Institut für Romanistik, SR 33.03.0088 (Merangasse 70/III. Stock)
  • Zeit: Do, 17:00-20:15 Uhr (07.03., 14.03., 21.03.,18.04., 02.05., 16.05.,13.06.)

Juliette Cherbuliez ist Direktorin des Center for Premodern Studies der University of Minnesota und wissenschaftlich hochrangig ausgewiesen im Bereich der romanistischen Frühe-Neuzeit-Forschung sowie einer gendersensiblen Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft.

Siehe: https://cla.umn.edu/about/directory/profile/cherbuli#activities

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