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Eco-Storytelling: A Digital Toolbox for the English Classroom for Building a Climate-Just Future

Tuesday, 30 January 2024

EcoStories wants to achieve the development of an Eco-Storytelling digital toolbox to support teachers’ implementation of a critical ecological pedagogy in the English Foreign Language classroom that promotes students’ development of climate, digital, and foreign language literacy skills in order to stimulate and cultivate the ability to imagine a greener and climate-just future.

The project will implement Eco-Storytelling activities based on the engagement with and the analysis of literary (climate fiction) and museum resources using the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach connecting formal and non-formal education. Art-based (creative writing) and digital storytelling activities will also be implemented to foster students’ multiliteracy skills in English.

The project’s main result will be a digital Eco-Storytelling toolbox consisting of a competence framework (static and interactive) on critical ecological pedagogy for the English classroom, teacher training resources for pre- and in-service English teachers and 6 Eco-CLIL units for B1+ English learners, an online training program for Eco-Storytelling as well as three editions of a MOOC course. The outcomes will be the training of over 120 pre- and in-service teachers in EcoStorytelling.

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