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Forum Stadtpark: Hotel Bellevue "NO HOPE NO FEAR"

Thursday, 23 November 2023

The “Hotel Bellevue” is a central part of the exhibition in the Prepper Cellar. For two weeks, the hotel is occupied by two to four overnight guests from a wide range of different contexts, from urban planning, to biology, music, medicine, psychology, or art. They have been invited in order to investigate the following questions: what is to be done in the here-and-now, if we are to prepare in solidarity with others for a future society that will be shaped by crises? Which objects, concepts, ideas, forms of relating, materials, books, artworks, skills and other living beings must be collected, stored and appropriated? What should we prepare if we do not want to wake up one day in a world that consists only of fortresses and bunkers?

The planned programme can be found onsite. The thoughts and considerations of the guests will be integrated into the exhibition itself.

More information here.

When: 21.11.-2.12.23, 18:00

Entry: Free

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